For consultants, having a consistent, loyal client base is essential for success. When it comes to expanding your reach and acquiring new clients, there are several factors to reference and options to consider. As clients serve an important role in the functionality of a consulting firm, finding the most effective methods of acquiring and retaining new clients can affect the reputation and overall success of a business.


Market Segmentation

Before seeking new clients, identifying your target audience may influence your approach. Referencing existing data pertaining to past and current clients, as well as the traits that appear in your “ideal” client, can help you pinpoint who you would like to attract. In many cases, you should be able to name qualities like economic status, location, industry, and business obstacles; knowing who you want to take on as clients and predicting which challenges you are best equipped to tackle will provide you with an efficient basis for how to approach new clients. If you are taking a more traditional route that entails marketing or advertising practices, taking these steps to focus on who you really want to target and work with will benefit your methods and ensure your efforts are specific, tailored, and effective.


Magnetic Email Marketing

Though under-optimized in many marketing initiatives, email is a great way to connect with past, existing, and potential clients. After assessing client data in your business as well as your industry at large, you can take this information and put it into practice, working to craft personalized emails that entice individuals to utilize your services.

While tailoring emails to individual clients is overly optimistic and likely impossible, there are ways you can make your emails appeal to various individuals with different backgrounds and desires. Acknowledging common challenges in specific industries and directing messages to leaders in those fields can demonstrate your proficiency.



One of the most beneficial ways to acquire new clients is by reaching out to satisfied clients. When individuals are pleased with the work you do, they are often inclined to recommend your services. However, you may need to prompt them to do so; requesting a referral from a client can be an intimidating prospect, but depending on the relationship between a consultant and their client, this can open doors to new opportunities and connections.

Similarly, you should feel encouraged to ask for referrals from your personal connections. Even from the early days of your business, requesting referrals can help boost your business and your reputation in the industry. Regardless of the outlet you choose to utilize for the purpose of referrals, it is important that you are proactive when it comes to obtaining them. Simply waiting for referrals to come to you will rarely result in significant growth.