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Gregg E. Jaclin – IdeaMensch Interview


Based in Princeton, New Jersey, Gregg E. Jaclin has established himself as a seasoned consultant with a focus on financing, mergers, acquisitions, and securities issues. His journey from traditional legal representation to becoming a valuable resource for entrepreneurial minds and small businesses across the United States reflects his unwavering commitment to helping others navigate the challenging business landscape and turn their visions into realities.

Gregg E. Jaclin – Bio Feature


Gregg E. Jaclin is a consultant who works with entrepreneurs, professionals, and companies. Based in Princeton, New Jersey, for two decades, he enjoys close involvement with many entrepreneurial organizations. His primary focus is on companies that are planning on going public.

Gregg E. Jaclin – Community Spotlight: Habitat for Humanity


In this community spotlight, Gregg E. Jaclin focuses on Habitat for Humanity, a globally recognized nonprofit organization dedicated to providing affordable housing solutions to families in need. Habitat for Humanity operates in communities worldwide, bringing together volunteers, donors, and partner organizations to build homes, strengthen communities, and transform lives.

Gregg E, Jaclin: Determining How Much To Charge For Consulting


Think about the value of your work when it comes to your consulting fees. There are a variety of factors that can affect the scope of your work and how much you should charge.

Gregg E. Jaclin – What to Look At Before Investing in an IPO


Gregg Jaclin offers advice on what investors should look at before buying into an IPO.

Gregg E. Jaclin on Consulting Insights: How to Implement Culture Change


Gregg Jaclin shares some insight into how to successfully implement culture change at your business.

Gregg E. Jaclin on Why A Camping Trip is What Your Family Needs


Camping is a recreational pastime that not only encourages communing with nature but is known to strengthen family relationships.

Gregg E. Jaclin on Hosting a Family Game Night


Though video games and the Internet seem to dominate our attention, hosting a family game night can be a great way to connect with your family.

A Guide To IPO Sales


IPO Podcasts For 2023


Getting the most out of your investing strategy can be done through podcasts, which are an excellent resource for creating a well-rounded and personalized investing plan.

How To Build A Consulting Business


If you’re a specialist in a niche industry and think you could provide valuable advice to others, you should start a consulting business.

Here are six steps that will help you establish a successful consulting business.

Can You Study Philanthropy In College?

The short answer is yes. You can get a degree in philanthropic studies. Courses and enrollment are offered at some outstanding universities. However, A well-trained individual can make a significant difference in fundraising without that education choice. So, should you get a degree in philanthropy?

This topic will likely cause a lot of discussions. Is it discriminatory to require a bachelor’s degree to raise money for a nonprofit organization? It’s a healthy discussion to have, and many people will be talking about it.

Encouraging Children to Try a New Sport

Introducing children to sports at a young age can profoundly impact their physical, mental, and social development. While some children naturally gravitate towards a specific sport, it’s essential to encourage them to explore and try new sports. Trying a new sport provides children with valuable experiences and opportunities for growth. 

This topic will explore why encouraging children to try a new sport is important. Tune in to get valuable insights!