If you’re a consultant, you know how valuable learning from others in your field can be. Consulting varies widely across the board, and gaining insights and advice from others can make a massive difference in the effectiveness of your work. One of the best opportunities to connect with other consulting professionals and learn from top talent is to attend conferences! Whether you want to travel to a physical weekend conference, or enjoy the flexibility of a virtual conference, below are a variety of great conferences happening in 2022 that would benefit consultants.


Executive Coaching Redefined

This conference takes place in New York City in May and is geared towards executive coaches and leadership consultants. Recent disruptions and shortages in talent have drastically shifted many workplaces, and this conference hopes to equip executives to use coaching and consulting most effectively. If you aren’t already using coaching for development opportunities or just want to make sure your efforts have the most impact, this is a great conference.


Human Capital Institute (HCI) Virtual Conferences

This isn’t a single conference, but rather a series of virtual conferences with different focuses in the areas of Human Resources, talent acquisition, learning and development, and employee engagement. This year’s offerings include conferences on engaging the remote workforce, organizational learning, coaching HR managers, and more. HCI offers several pass options, allowing you to choose to access a single conference or select several that you’re interested in for a discounted price. This is an excellent option if fitting a weekend away into your schedule for an in-person conference is challenging. Check them out and see if any would be particularly helpful for you!



Optima is all about talent optimization. This is a relatively new conference that takes place in Boston, MA, having started its first year in 2019. Optima headlines impressive keynote speakers and offers specialized tracks for consultants in addition to HR professionals and executives. This year’s keynote speakers include New York Times bestselling authors James Clear and J. R. Martinez. This conference uniquely combines both business and people strategy, where most conferences take one or the other to focus on.



Hosted by the Institute of Management Consultants USA, this annual conference joins agencies and consultants worldwide. Dates and details haven’t been set for 2022 yet, but 2021 used the theme of Recharge, Rebalance, and Reset. Consult-Con has been hosted virtually, like many other conferences recently. It generally has several professional keynote speakers, breakout sessions, and panel discussions to help share innovative ideas and spur growth for attending consultants.