Company culture is a common topic among professionals these days. People don’t want to work in companies that don’t have a good work-life balance or in which managers have a bad reputation amongst their employees. Developing a positive culture has to be done intentionally by people who can make changes and hold others accountable. If you aren’t happy with your current company culture and want to move it in a more positive direction, keep reading to learn how!


Define Core Values

One of the best places to start when cultivating a positive company culture is your business’s core values. What principles and ideals do you want to see embodied in your team? Analyzing your organization’s identity and articulating some common goals can help unite your team by giving everyone something to work towards. Having a succinct mission statement you can put up on the wall is a great step, but ensure you are actively striving towards that mission yourself and setting clear expectations for what it should look like for your employees to work in line with your vision as well.


Earn Trust

If your employees don’t trust and respect you, you will have difficulty influencing the office culture. Earning the trust of your team is not always an easy task, but it will make all the difference in creating a positive work environment. Make sure you are taking the time to build rapport with your team members, encouraging them in the work they do well and offering constructive feedback respectfully. Be willing to listen to employee concerns and ensure they feel heard and valued. As a manager, you set the tone for the office, so it is your responsibility to establish yourself as a trustworthy authority.


Receive Feedback

As you go through transforming your company culture, ask for feedback and be willing to listen, even when it may be harsh. It’s essential to consider what your employees would like to see change and how they perceive the changes as you begin to implement them. Offering anonymous surveys, holding brainstorming meetings, and overall just establishing a standard for open communication will go a long way towards helping your team develop more positive attitudes and interactions within the workplace.