The Coronavirus has made it necessary for workers everywhere to adjust to a primarily online workplace. Most of the time, businesses aren’t set up for that sort of arrangement, and it can be a struggle to be as productive or engaged as when you’re on location. Here are some of the most important skills to keep in mind to improve your performance from the safety of your own home.


The most important part of keeping up with a remote job is good communication. The Harvard Business Review recommends frequent check-ins, asking for help, and quickly establishing important relationships within a company. These skills will help you establish yourself as someone helpful and prompt with their work, making you an invaluable asset within the company.

Self Promotion

While it’s always important not to be too heavy-handed when promoting oneself, Forbes recommends that the number one thing companies look for when hiring is relevant experience. If you’ve worked remotely before, be sure to let your employer know. Combined with your relevant, industry-specific qualifications, that will put you in a good position within your newly remote workplace.


With no boss in the immediate vicinity, having good organizational skills is a must for any remote consultant. Muse lists it as the first skill to emphasize when looking for any remote job, so make sure your calendars are correct, your projects are completed on time, and your zoom meetings are all scheduled in advance. 


Lastly, flexibility is key; almost all of us are new to remote work, so being ready to change and adapt to circumstances on the fly is essential. Remote work may require unusual hours or usage of different tools and skills than normal, but it’s important to accept and integrate the changes with a smile and a good attitude. 

The workforce has been moved to being mostly remote for the first time in history, so it’s harder than ever to stand out when most colleagues will only be meeting over the internet. But remembering that many essential workplace skills will remain the same no matter where you are is the key to a positive, successful workplace experience for everyone.