As advisors and guides, consultants are dependent on their clientele. In order to attract consistent customers, consultants must employ effective marketing tactics. Of course, the consulting industry can be competitive, so ensuring your methods are attuned to a specific audience or industry will be essential. If they apply themselves appropriately by using digital means, consultants can succeed at marketing themselves and their businesses in order to secure a steady, loyal customer base.


Online Presence

Creating and maintaining a strong, reliable online presence is essential for businesses and individual professionals. Begin with an organized, informational website; if existing and potential clients search for you or your business, they should be able to find a professional site that reflects your expertise and experience. Staying active on a few social media profiles like Facebook and Twitter can be useful, as well. Showing your clients that you are adaptive and responsive can improve their perception of your authority as well as communication efforts between you and your clients.


Email Lists

While social media has become a hot tactic for marketing endeavors, returning to a more classic style of outreach tends to be productive. Identifying clients who have previously been satisfied with your services, could benefit from additional consultations, or have mentioned referring other clients can prove to be beneficial.

An email list can be used to send out newsletters advertising your business or to promote things like book launches, blog updates, or reviews. Use your email list as you see fit, but try not to spam your clients with daily or weekly messages.



Sending static mass emails won’t result in much incoming revenue. The contemporary audience demands personalization and individualization in marketing tactics. Using the clients’ names throughout the email as well as in the subject line is a simple but effective way to earn your clients’ trust and appreciation. Any additional efforts to personalize messages—like specifically targeting clients who have a high click-through rate or simply referencing local events and holidays—will also go a long way.



When it comes to the Internet, it’s important for businesses and individuals alike to produce and share content if they want to gain an audience. You can post a blog each week on your website or host free webinars that you share on various social media accounts; things like this promote engagement and interest, which is beneficial for business.


For consultants, it’s important to recognize the needs and desires of your client pool. By appealing to the Internet-savvy population, consultants can improve their authority and trustworthiness. Incorporating the above tactics into your marketing efforts should prove to be productive.