Whether you specialize in individual investors, entrepreneurs, or large businesses, being a consultant requires expertise and flexibility. In order to best fulfill the duties of your job, you should strive to expand your capabilities so you can provide for your clients and ensure their satisfaction and success. Here are a few key elements that contribute to a great consultant regardless of specialization.



When you advise others, you must ensure that your advice is informed and valid. However, equally important is your confidence. If your clients feel that you are uncertain, doubtful, or hesitant, they will not see the value in your advice and will not understand why they should pay for your services.

If you present yourself as a knowledgeable, trustworthy resource, clients and potential clients alike will be more likely to come to you for professional advice. Even if you have no experience with a specific suggestion, you should be informed enough to provide resources and justification for each piece of advice you give.



Though your clients will come to you seeking your counsel, an important facet of the job is listening attentively. Offering insightful advice that is applicable to your client’s specific situation will help you improve your client relationships as well as your individualized advice. Being able to understand a client’s specific issue or initiative and offer personalized insight into their next steps is crucial for standing out as a consultant. Doing so begins with fostering strong communication skills.

Likewise, you should strive to maintain communication with past clients. Keeping in touch will show your clients that you care about their patronage. They may feel compelled to recommend your services to peers or business partners, as well.



Cultivating a strong, diverse network of connections is essential for your own professional career as well as your clients’ resources. Being able to connect clients with relevant sources, financial partners, investors, and more can often advance your services beyond simply providing guidance. You should aim to provide the best advice and resources to your clients, and ensuring you have a developed network at your disposal can give you an edge in the consulting industry.


Consulting is a challenging and gratifying field. Improving your skills can not only improve your business but your clients’ satisfaction and success, too. By working to make yourself a better consultant, you can secure new clients, retain existing clients, and improve your practice overall.