So you’ve recently launched a consulting business. You’ve nailed down your areas of expertise, found a name for your business, and purchased an expensive domain name. You’ve even paid for a professional website design to host your newly founded consulting business. Your website is getting traffic, but hardly any visitors are converting to paying clients. What gives?

The truth about a great consulting website is that they don’t need a ton of info. Most people have a few key questions in mind when they visit your website. If you can answer those questions quickly, they will become a paying client.

The first question that people ask is “Can this consultant make me more money?” You need to prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that you help your clients succeed. You need testimonials with hard proof of the massive success you have given them.

The second question that most people ask is “Can I trust this person?” This one is a bit more tricky to navigate. The best way to communicate trustworthiness is to not oversell yourself or to promise more than you can really offer. Stay away from overly “loud” graphics and fanciful language. Be yourself. Communicate your business through the lens of your personality. People don’t want to be sold a fairytale; they want real, actionable results from a real person.

Another common question is “Can I afford this person’s services?” Make sure that you offer free initial consultations and a money-back guarantee. Some successful consultants even offer the option to have clients pay only after their revenue has increased. This might be a viable option for you. Either way, make sure that your prospective clients know that you are a worthy investment.

Finally, make sure that your customer is at the center of the story you tell. Good copywriting can sell in an instant. For instance rather than:

“We are the best-performing consulting firm in the business.”


“You need someone who truly understands your business.”

Shift the focus of the narrative from solely what you offer to the unique needs and story of your client. If you describe your ideal client in your website copy, they will be able to identify themselves as such.