Working from home is often freeing; more people are embracing this practice as the coronavirus pandemic persists. In most countries, non-essential premises are closed at the moment to ensure social distancing. However, people have to pay their bills and fulfill essential needs.


Consultants that are interested in working from home might worry how to retain their efficiency and effectiveness. Here are a few tools to use when consulting remotely.



Clients should still book appointments to receive consultant services. Calendly allows a user’s maximum productivity by planning their day. Random calls and emails will reduce concentration while working. This application will cost you $10 a month, making it relatively affordable.



A client can contact a consultant in real-time for a personal touch through slack. The consultant can pick up on hidden needs through the conversation and solve them for clients to establish lasting bonds.



Zoom gives consultants and their clients the much-needed face to face time in remote consultation. Payment is required after a given limit of the usage period. This software has risen in popularity during the pandemic because of its usefulness for a variety of industry professionals, and consultants are certainly no exception.



A client’s team can share a screen with a consultant using an Uber conference. The video conferencing is free and has the best screen sharing tools. A client can get a sneak peek of the progress of the work during these calls. Moreover, the site has a permanent URL that clients use to reach their consultants, reducing the need for painstaking efforts to communicate new links or passcodes with each conversation.


Recurring Meetings

Remote consultations do not substitute the convenience of personal meetings. A consultant should meet up with clients on a regular basis. Consultants can adjust meeting schedules to suit their preferences as well as availability. During this pandemic, ensure all meetings adhere to social distancing guidelines. They should meet on limited occasions; adjustments to the schedule can be made in the post-pandemic period.


In summary, a consultant should not rely on operating from their physical premises alone. He/she should apply the above technological tips to retain his/ her clients. The pandemic should be a chance for consultants to explore opportunities in technology.


Embracing the above tips is a cost-effective means of exploiting the time we have in self-isolation. This period is unique; people should change their lifestyles accordingly.