Should you become an independent consultant? That’s an important question many people face. Let’s discuss the advantages.


Make More of an Impact

A 9-5 can be an oppressive environment. Of course, you have a boss who reviews your work. The organization determines your responsibilities. For example, if you want to explore your sales ability, you’ll probably have to apply for an open position. This will take a while, and the application may or may not be approved.

Often, the best way to realize your full potential is by being an independent consultant. Many people in corporations get stuck on a process and get pigeonholed. With consulting, you get the chance to do what you’re truly capable of.



With a corporation, your salary is limited by pay grades and where you stand in the hierarchy. Your pay is potentially unlimited with independent consulting.

You can charge by the project, per hour, or by the value created. Some entrepreneurial consultants expand their income with products like books.


Desire of Control

At the end of the day, with a corporate job, you’re taking orders. Independent consulting offers far more freedom.

You can have a flexible schedule and often work wherever you want. Are you a night owl that does his best work late at night? Usually, that’s not an issue.

You get to handpick clients. If they’re rude or too troublesome, you can just get rid of them.

You don’t have to worry anymore about being stuck on a project that’s boring or stressful. You get to choose what projects you accept.


Not learning new skills

It’s easy to get stuck working for a company. With independent consulting, you’ll wear many hats. Each day will seem different. Often, it’s a great way to bring back excitement to a career. You’ll always be learning.


Laid off

Sometimes, opportunity knocks when you least expect it. You might be too comfortable when you have a steady paycheck. The interruption of lay off might be what prompts you to search for new options. Independent consulting can be a great opportunity.


Want to start a business

Some people have always wanted to start their own business. A consulting business builds on your previous experience. The startup costs are low, and you can start part-time.


Independent consulting is very popular with professionals. There are many advantages to it.